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Advantage of REIT


Brand advantage REIT group is a famous provider for solid resource integrated solution in China,and also enjoy high reputation both at home and abroad for it’s leading technology ,excellent quality product and timely & thoughtful service.

R&D and technology advantage :REIT group has the earliest and most mature R&D center for solid waste recycling equipment.Through excellent cooperation with well-know universities and research institutes in domestic and abroad such as the United States Louisiana Polytechnic University and international co-leader in this industry,now REIT can provide an unitized business operations and various environment programs and solid waste resource recycling technology

Marketing Advantage: REIT group is the earliest manufacturer in developing and exporting large automatic solid waste resource recycling equipment in China and also the first company who export machine to developed countries from China.Based on the combination with German technology and years of painstaking research,now REIT has the perfect solid waste resource utilization equipment which can match with international top level brands.Sound equipment and perfect service experience are the guarantee for hundreds of sets of machine running smooth in domestic and worldwide.

Talent advantage : REIT group have a focused strategy which is developing and managing the human resources. The company has a stable business and management team and all the senior management team are cultivated by the enterprises and fully agreed with the corporate culture .Because talent is the key factor in the business success of REIT group,for which company make a continuous investment on time and money on staff training and further introduction of modern management personnel,to enrich the management team and complete the company’s talent pool and team management.

Solid waste disposal advantage : REIT group is the earliest high-tech enterprises in establishing and engaging in solid waste comprehensive utilization in China.REIT has various patent technology and ability such as the first international high-grade artificial stone production solution,metallurgy cold block system technology,metallurgical slag recycling technology,waste rock wool re-use technology, construction waste disposal and recycling technology,urban waste treatment ,active powder re-use technology, retaining and water conservancy project guide and design ability,exterior wall decoration and insulation board designing and coaching skills.

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