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Fully Automatic Block Production Line Model-B

This production line will be the economical fully automatic systems compared with production line A to reduce cost investment cost of the handling systems. Instead of 12 layers finger car and curing chamber, this production line will adopt 6 layers elevator and lowerator aimed at reducing the huge cost of the curing chamber and complicated basement works.

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Fully Automatic Block Production Line Model-B

Beijing REIT Technology Development Co.,Ltd is one of the best fully automatic block production line model-b manufacturers and suppliers in China. We can offer you fully automatic automatic block machine, brick manufacturing machine, fly ash bricks machine, concrete block making machine with CE. Welcome to get quality products from us.


Fully Automatic Block Production Line Model-B

1.Concrete Block Making Machine  2.Green Block conveyor3.Rotate Brush for Block
4.Elevator5.Center Control Room6.Transferring Device Inside
 7.Pallet Cleaning Device8.Product Pallet Magazine9.Slat Conveyor10.Lowerator
10.Lowerator11.Dry Block Conveyor12.Pre Cubing Device
13.Automatic Cuber14.Cement Silo (for Base)15.Cement Screws
16.Cement Weighing Batcher (for Base)17.Aggregate Batcher (for Face) 18.Aggregate Skip Hoister (for Face)
19.Planetary Mixer 20.Mixer Platform21.Wet Concrete Conveying Belt (for Base)
22.Wet Concrete Conveying Belt (for Face)23.Cement Silo (for Face)24.Planetary Mixer (for Face)
25.Aggregate Skip Hoister (for Face)26.Aggregate Batcher (for Face) 27.Cement Weighing Batcher (for Face)

Block Machine 

High quality products: patent multi-shafts vibrator combines floating vibration table make concrete products even and compact. With off-mold brake and pallet position device guarantees product quality from details.

Prolong equipment life: Cruising technique keeps motor temperature. Hydraulic drive compulsory feeding which is durable for batching rough material. 

Batching and Mixing System

Fast & even mixing: planetary mixer. 

Accurate water cement ratio: brand microwave moisture measurement.  

Accurate weighing: computer control.

Cubing System

High Stability:independent hydraulic station. 

Accurate cubing: digital encoder& Inverter. 

Avoid products drop out: gear-rack transmitting ensures stable movement of cuber.

6 Layers Handling System

Accurate positioning: multi-positioning & patent driven system. 

Stable movement: variable frequency technique. 

Unattended operation: safety engineering such as self-locked & interlocking.

Automatic control and management system 

Adopt world-famous brand components.

Mature visualized software easy to operate, with auto error diagnosis and remote control function

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