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In 2016, REIT set up branch company in USA.

In 2015, REIT set up office in Algeria and Iran.

In 2014, REIT founded manufacture base in India.

In 2013, REIT developed technique for production of artificial high-end stone and put equipment into operation.

In 2012, Metal recovery for smelting techniques entered South America. In the same year, Recovery and utilization of rock wool waste was developed.

In 2011, REIT independently developed pallets-free concrete block machine.

In 2010, REIT became the ‘National High- tech Enterprise’.

In 2009, REIT completed it’s new production base in Guan.

In 2008, REIT donated two sets of waste treatment equipments to the earthquake-stricken area in Sichuan. And entered into USA market.

In 2007, REIT gained “China Famous Brand”. And REIT installed eleven fully automatic production lines in the Middle East.

In 2006, RT6A was exported to South Korea, what made REIT the first Chinese manufacturer export block machine to developed country. And REIT participated in compiling the China industry standard of block machinery.

In 2005, REIT introduced RT15A fully automatic block production line to the market. And RT6A was exported to Pakistan. It is the first time Chinese manufacturer export fully automatic block equipment.

In 2004, RTQM4 mold-vibration block machine was developed.

In 2003, REIT obtained five patents from authority, and REIT released its RTQT9 fully automatic concrete block production line on the market.

In 2002, Municipal Waste Treatment project was launched.

In 2001, the first fully automatic concrete block production line of REIT RT6 was released.

In 2000, REIT launched its first block machine- RTQT6

In1999, REIT was established in Beijing and Xian (R&D Centre), supplied automatic handling system for Germany brand concrete block machine.

Before 1999, REIT founders had been working for Germany famous concrete block machine company for 15 years. As Asia agent, providing selling, installation,after-service for Asia clients.

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