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Feast Invitation For RETO Listed In Nasdaq

RETO was busy in 2017 and how times flies. In the past year, it makes big difference for REIT. Bitter become sweet because of the hard work of our staff; the difficulty becomes growth because of our customer support. 2017 is also a bumper year for RETO, we have completed the sales target for the year of 2017 and also made a perfect transformation ringing the bell in NASDAQ and listed. Part of the company's leaders witnessed the spot to share the glory at this exciting time. At the end of the traditional Chinese lunar calendar 2017, RETO deliberately prepared a grand banquet at Marco Polo Parkside Beijing on January 19, 2018 for this great improvements ever in RETO history for the hard work and contributions of all employees throughout the year, celebrating the listing of RETO in the United States, to thank everyone in 2017 have stayed true to the original self and continued marching forward.


At this banquet, Mr. Li Hengfang, Chairman of the RETO, will deliver a speech summarizing the achievements of the 2017 and its future development plan. Mr. Dai Guangfeng, the CEO of the RETO, will summarize the company's targets in 2017 and formulate more brilliant performance plan for 2018. In the mean while, we will praise the outstanding employees who made great contributions to the company in 2017. Of course, all RETO people are a group of lovely and vibrant people who are united and energetic. All the departments have elaborately prepared many entertainments for the banquet such as singing, dancing, sketch, double yellow, dubbing to celebrate this year's historic. At the current stage of preparation work, we have already fully experienced the positive and solidarity of RETO people. At the banquet, we also invited many foreign partners such as REIT India Company, REIT America Company, REIT Iran Branch and REIT Algeria Branch to celebrate this moment.

RETO will not succeed without the support of all new and regular customers in domestic and abroad. In order to thank all RETO customers worldwide, we prepared special seats for our customers, served with a wealth of food and wine, Colorful entertainment project to welcome customers feel the joy together. In the banquet, you can taste delicious cuisine, you can enjoy the singing, playing the piano, calligraphy and other entertainment. If you love sports, you can play indoors badminton, Table tennis, etc. In short, a variety of entertainment projects been provided.

RETO will continue its efforts in the future, and always follow the principle of "customer-centric", serve customers and provide economical, practical, high-quality, safe and reliable products and after-sales service to create value for customers. Wish this banquet a complete success in advance. We are waiting for you at Marco Polo Parkside Beijing, where are you?

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