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Splitter CE

  • Pallet

    Contact NowPalletBamboo pallet is the best material in block making industry as the carrier of the greenblocks. It has the high strength with smooth surface and never been afraid of moisture and hot temperature, Our wood pallet can be put in the steaming room.Read More

  • Automatic Cuber

    Contact NowAutomatic CuberAutomatic cuber is also called automatic palletizing machine. As a kind of mechatronic hi-tech product, automatic palletizing machine can greatly reduce labor and labor intensity. It is also well appreciated for small occupying area, high efficiency and strong adaptability.Read More

  • Splitter

    Contact NowSplitterThe machine is used for block splitting, which makes the blocks look like rock face like natural stone.It can split retaining wall, architectural and standard units in heights ranging from 40 mm to 300mm and configured 600mm wide. It is built with a self-contained hydraulic unit that makes it simple to be set up and operate. It has four-way blades and controls with panel.Read More

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